University African, Caribbean & Afro-Caribbean Societies

We know that while studying at university and in particular when you're away from home, that it can be difficult to fit in and find your tribe. All the nuances that make your home what it is have been replaced by what in many cases is an unfamiliar setting and culture. From our own experiences, what helped make things easier was joining the Afro-Caribbean society. It was a way to meet other black students and to join in cultural-specific activies that wouldn't happen anywhere else on or off campus.

So we've spent a bit of time finding out about the range of ACSs that are currently in place. It turns out that there are more than we imagined and not only that, but many of them are extremely active in running events for their members. We think this is a great thing and in order to show our support for all the regional ACSs we've put together a list of all those that we're aware of at the time of writing this article. There'll no doubt be some that we've missed but feel free to let us know about them and we'll get them added.