Black History Month 2018

Black British History

People from Africa and the Caribbean have made a positive impact in the UK for a very long time. Everything from the impact of Africans in Roman Britain to the black Tudors during the reign of Henry VIII. This is Black British history.

In various discussions it has been stated that there is no need to highlight this impact. Extreme cases of this have renounced the existence  let alone the positive impact of black people in Britain. This site won't debate whether or not this is the case. The evidence exists for those that can be bothered to look for it and more evidence is being discovered all the time.

The absence of black people in UK history has been referred to by some as the "whitewashing of history". This has been stated to be a systematic approach to removing the positive contributions that black people have made. It could be discussed at length why this has happened. But there are plenty of other forums out there for those who wish to do so. What is clear is that previously unavailable artefacts and records are continually being discovered. Then technology alongside traditional methods is helping to understand more about black British history. Thus it is becoming easier to see that things are not as they have previously been portrayed.

Current Day Contributions

In the present day, black people are leaders in industry and entrepreneurs. We are also championing scientific breakthroughs across the globe. While at the same time being part of the corner-stone of British public institutions like the NHS. The narrative that is on the rise is challenging the previous pervasive stereotypes. Mainstream media have managed to sell these stereotypes hook, line and sinker to many. But now it's time for that portrayal to come to an end. If mainstream media won't support a more accurate portrayal of black people then we will do it ourselves.

More and more black British people who are refusing to be defined by these stereotypes. We are confidently re-writing history and creating a new narrative that future generations can be proud of. Ultimately that is the main reason for this site. To ensure that all our children see themselves in a positive light. To allow them to recognise that despite what some would have them believe, we have and continue to achieve great things.

Stay blessed and one love.


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