Black British Podcasts

The Rise of the Black British Podcast


The number of podcasts by black British people has increased quite significantly over the last few years. This rise has been inline with the also rapidly increasing number of platforms being created by the black community. These platforms are being used to share the lived experiences of people who's heritage is from all corners of the diaspora.

Many of these are being created by millenials (currently aged 22-37). But we're seeing more Gen X people embrace social media & technology to start telling their stories. I'm Gen X. So I was brought up in what it seemed was a typical model within the black community. For me this model meant that we didn't really talk about our experiences within our own families. Let alone to the wider community or even to complete strangers.

So for me it's refreshing to see younger generations opening up and not being afraid to do so. While at the same time it's encouraging to see the Gen X black community putting to one side the model defined by our parents generation. Across the generations people are talking about their experiences across multiple sections of their lives. These include

  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship & Startups
  • Finance
  • Tech
  • Well Being
  • Sex & Relationships
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Entertainment

The Research We've Done


We have spent time researching and creating a directory of podcasts as we discover them. As a brummie at heart but now living in the south east of England, there has been one disappointing part of the research. I haven't seen as many podcasts as I thought there would be from other regions of the UK. We're hoping as the research continues that we will disover more shows that originate from other regions. But only time will tell.

We've started reviewing the podcasts and will provide a write up if possible in due course. But for now we wanted to get the list of podcasts out there for people to start using. So all we've done so far is to separate out the directory into those we've reviewed and those we haven't. We may eventually categorise the directory further. If you come across any others podcasts that you think should be on the list, then do hit us up via our socials or contact page and we will add them when time allows.

We hope you enjoy discovering the world of Black British podcasts as much as we have and are still enjoying them too.

Reviewed Podcasts


Our Top 5 Podcasts (as of February 2019 but we will update this at regular intervals)


  • The Reggie Yates Podcast by Reggie Yates - too many jokes. Big up Reggie & his podcast crew
  • #HalfcastPodcast by Chuckie Lothian & Poets Corner - some great guests touching on some serious and lighthearted issues
  • Quotas Full with Kae Kurd, Dane Baptiste, Funmbi Omotayo, Darren Harriott, Eshaan Akbar, Ola the Comedian, Tez Ilyas - where do I start. Creasing up every time I listen to this and they still manage to fit in some serious stuff too
  • The Prosseco Chronicles by Marianne Miles & Glors - had to get on this list as it's my generation(ish). We need more from you guys!!
  • Say Your Mind by Kelechi Okafor - outspoken and so you either love or hate her but we love her!!

All The Others That We’ve Reviewed So Far


Unreviewed Podcasts



Podcasts We’re Aware of and looking for


  • TheGatheringPod
  • ArtisticSOM Podcast
  • TFT Media
  • The British Black List
  • The Black Box Uk