Black British Awards

I started this project a few years back. In that time I have discovered a number of Black British awards, events, festivals and conferences. All showing recognition to the amazing individuals that have been making their mark in their respective industries.

A few months ago I started to categorise (I know, I'm a tech geek. What can I say!!) a number of these events. I didn't quite realise how many events exist now. So rather than waiting any longer to publish this piece, I've decided to do it now. Especially as I'm writing the day before the launch of Black Girl Con DigiTech Retreat in Bristol.

The number of these events is not only impressive but they seem to be on the rise. I believe that we need more events covering different sectors and industries. Very recently I found out about the Black British Theatre Awards. I'm surprised it's taken so long for these to have been created given the number of black people on the stage. But I'm glad they have been created and hopefully, others will take some inspiration and follow suit. There will, of course, no doubt be those that question why are events like these needed. I really don't have the time or energy for that debate. Other platforms out there have discussed this topic at length. So I don't feel the need to have that debate on here too.

So in conclusion, I feel that this is just the beginning in a general shift for the Black British community to own their recognition and celebrate their achievements. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next set of events are that will be created this year. The events we are aware of to date are listed below. These cover off awards, events, festivals and conferences. If you know of any similar types of events, then do get in contact with us. We'll add them to our database and get them added to this page. We're also setting up a Google calendar to add all the events to. So you'll be able to subscribe to it and never have to remember about adding the events to your calendar yourself.

Bless up & one love.