Black & British

Being Black & British means different things to many people. The lived experiences of people of the African and Caribbean diaspora is nuanced. There are many different cultural experiences. These include food, language, clothing, dance, music and a large number of other things. Therefore it would be impossible to try to define being a black Briton in a single way.

So the aim of this project is not to do this. The purpose is to highlight all the varied and exciting positive influences that Black Britons have had and are still having in the UK. To celebrate the many diverse experiences that have contributed in forming present day British culture.

Black people make up 3% of the UK population. But African and Caribbean culture have most definitely found their way into everyday British life. The richness of British culture can partly be attributed to the many diverse influences from all over the world. As we journey through this project we will see that those influences are not just recent one. They stem back to a by gone and in some cases forgotten era. Some have done their best to deny and even eradicate this knowledge. But we plan to set the record straight so that current and future generations can feel pride in the contributions made by their fore fathers.

There are many projects all over the UK that we will make our audience aware of. While we will create some original content, a good portion of our work will sign post you to these various projects and the great people working on them.

Stay with us on this journey as we celebrate past, present & future generations of people who are Black & British!

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